“Let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband” The Bible
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Why should I register at Sneha Reddy Matrimony?

Snehareddymatrimony.com is a premium matrimonial website committed to help members find their life partner. Users will have variety of choices to browse thousands of eligible profiles posted on the website to find suitable profiles in the quickest possible time. The website is built to give maximum user friendly features so as to ensure accuracy of information provided and satisfaction for the users.

What is profile ID?

Profile ID is an identification number which is system generated and Unique. This is given to the each profile for their identification and it will be starting with "S10…." eg: S1011400. This Profile ID will be used to refer all correspondence with the website. Profile ID or Email ID can be used while login to website. Please keep your Profile ID and Login password confidential. You are responsible for your action using your profile ID.

How do I register / create profile and become member?

Go to Register now / Registration fill the registration form with relevant information such as Email id, password, name, date of birth, caste, religion, mother tongue and country living in and click on Register me. Once your profile is updated a message will appear saying “Successfully Updated”. Click on continue to update complete your matrimony profile. You can click on “My Account” (Right-hand top) and complete your matrimony profile. You can also login using your email id and password (Right-hand top). When you login Your Account page will open click on “My Account” > Edit My Account, here you can update fields like Marital status, caste, sub-caste, residence (Native), citizen, etc and click on Update.


Go to Add/Edit profile here you can update your matrimony profile information under different sections individually like Physical information, Educational and professional information, Life style and religion Family Details, Partner Preference, Contact Details, Add photo/horoscope. You can view your profile output on clicking on view profile.


Choose membership that suits you best. We have three membership options: 1.Gold, 2. Platinum, 3. Diamond. You can pay the registration fee through online bank transaction or cash at our office. If you pay registration free through online please provide us your matrimony id, transaction and contact details and we will update your profile and approve your matrimony profile to display on the website. We may need little time to screen (verify) the information you provided. Your profile will be updated in 48 hours and we will notify you as soon as your profile activated. You will receive welcome and instruction mail from us.

What information I require to provide for my profile?

Looking for the perfect life partner is a serious business and the more information you give, the more details can be garnered by other members. This will help a potential match understand you better, know your likes and dislikes thus help you get the perfect match. Please provide appropriate, accurate and relevant information. Give true picture of yourself to your prospective life partner.

How do I Login?

On the right-hand top of home page there is a login panel type your “Profile ID/Email ID” and password than click on “Login”. Now you are logged in to Sneha Reddy Matrimony.

I forgot my ID/Password. How should I retrieve that?

Click the “Forgot Password” link under “Members Login" in the homepage and enter your Profile ID or e-mail address with Date of Birth provided when registering with the site. We will mail your new Password.

Can I change my password?

Of course, you can. To change the password:

  • Login with your Profile ID / Email ID and password.
  • Go to “My Account section” and click “Change password.”
  • Enter your current password
  • Enter your new password and confirm it. Click ‘Update’. Your password is now changed.

How do I edit/change my profile?

To edit your profile contents do this step.

Login to snehareddymatrimony.com

Open “My Account Section” and edit the desired contents and click on update. Now your profile is updated. You can add/edit profile However, certain fields are non-editable, like email ID, Profile ID. Once your edited profile is approved it will go for display.

How do I maximize my search to find my life partner at the earliest?

Become a diamond member. Diamond profile will be featured on featured profiles section; a video will assist diamond profile. Diamond profile will be highlighted on search results. Marriage counseling will be provided to diamond members. Upload clear and very recent photograph. Provide appropriate, accurate and relevant information. Specify partner preference clearly, make regular visits to website.

How do I delete/deactivate my profile?

We hope that you want to delete/deactivate your profile because you have found your soul-mate. Please write us to delete/deactivate your profile.

Is it necessary to post my photograph?

We recommend you post your photograph as people prefer to see you first before proceeding. In case you are not comfortable to post your photograph on website, but interested to become member and avail our service than you can do so. You can update this section when required or you think appropriate. We will be more than happy to help you.

How do I add photograph/horoscope and video to my profile?

It is important to add your photo, because peoples prefer profiles with photographs. “A picture speaks thousand words”, photo is the first thing that attracts people to view your profile and increases the chances by about 10 times. You can add multiple photos (up to 4 photos) in your profile. Photo(s) can be uploaded either while registration or from your profile section under “Add photos”. Photographs can be updated / replaced. Please avoid group, party-picnic, old photos. Please keep your photograph in square form like 5x5”, 6x6”, etc. Please keep photograph size below 50kb for fast profile view. You can add your horoscope to your profile. Horoscope has its relevance on match making.

You can add a 1 – 5 min video to your matrimony profile for better and fast results. This feature is available to paid members only subject to membership plan. Please contact admin with your profile video.

How do I approach a profile?

First of all you have to show interest on desired profile using “Show interest” option. If the desired profile also interested in your profile both can contact us to arrange a meeting for further proceeding. Please go through the profile before showing interest on a profile. We do not disclose contact details, in fact we arrange meeting when both the parties agree. There will be service charges on match settlement.

What is quick search and what is advance search?

There are two types of search options available at snehareddymatrimony.com. Quick search is a search panel on home page with the following search criteria Gender, Age, Religion, Caste, Mother tongue. Advance search provides broad search criteria.

What is featured profile section and what is the use of that?

Featured profiles section is for display of profile on home page of the website. It is an additional feature for privileged members to maximize profile visibility for fast result.

What is the recent profiles section?

Special section on home page for display recently added profiles. Ideal to find new profile added.

What is video gallery and what is the use of that?

Video gallery is for promotional use. Video gallery may contain messages, video songs, event videos, advertisement, important announcement, etc.

What is Add gallery and what is the use of that?

Advertisement is a special feature to promote our or our associates business/service. Add gallery may contain public notice, promotion, announcement etc. Add gallery may feature Photos, videos, audio etc.

What is News and Events section and what is need of that?

This section contains announcement, promotion, praise and testimonial, events, news paper articles, etc.

What are the membership options available to choose from?

We have three membership plan 1. Gold, 2. Platinum, 3. Diamond. Please refer membership option section for details.

What are the payments options available?

Membership fee can be paid through online bank transaction, money order, cash payment at our office. Please choose membership option that suits you best.

Please read Membership plan, Privacy policy, Terms and conditions.